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Article: How to Recycle Shoes

How to Recycle Shoes

How to Recycle Shoes

Are you in the midst of Spring cleaning Marie Kondo style? Like many of you, we are spending WAY more time at home than ever before and that made us take a cold, hard look at our closets. Through the process of organizing and evaluating our items, we found a few pairs of shoes that no longer “spark joy”. So, now what do we do?

At Mavette, we are committed to making shoes in a way that respects our planet and that includes responsible disposal at the end of their lifecycle. This is why we’ve partnered with Soles4Souls, a charitable organization that recycles your shoes and turns them into opportunity.

Mavette + Soles4Souls

When you donate your shoes to Soles4Souls, you empower communities to fight poverty and provide economic opportunities to those most vulnerable. Soles4Souls recycles and refurbishes donated shoes to be resold by entrepreneurs (typically women) in impoverished countries, providing a reliable source of income and lifting themselves, their families, and communities out of poverty.

On average, Americans throw away 70 pounds of textiles per person, per year. This adds up to a shocking 21 billion pounds of unnecessary waste added to our landfills. To date, Soles4Souls has kept more than 55 million pairs of shoes from going to waste and helped generate over $250 million in economic impact. 


We hope you will join us in supporting this worthy cause and help keep waste out of our landfills. If you have a few pairs of shoes you are ready to part ways with, you can donate them in 3 easy steps.  It’s through small, individual actions like these that we can make a significant difference as a collective. Consider giving today!

I Have Shoes To Donate

Learn more about Soles4Souls mission here.

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