Staying Home in Style - Tips to Keep You on Your Toes During Quarantine

Some of us are on week 4 of quarantine and ok the stir crazy is setting in. While we're thankful to help #flattenthecurve, we also need something to break up the monotony. Our team came up with 5 ideas for spicing up life at home. Try out some of these ideas and let us know how it goes!


Pack up your favorite snacks and beverages, because you don't have to go far to have a scenic picnic in your own living room. Put on a youthful and fun spring outfit and enjoy a colorful meal in the comfort of your own home. Whip up some of your favorite snacks (or learn a some new ones while you're at it) and spread out a blanket to have an exciting and unique picnic!


What better way to create a movie bucket list than now! Grab your favorite snacks, cook some popcorn and have a fun at-home theater night. This is the perfect opportunity to start that series you've always wanted to watch. Check out this list of binge-worthy Netflix shows to watch.

With spring at our doorstep, spring cleaning for your closet is a must. Check out some of the hottest colors to wear this season and go shopping in your own wardrobe. Find new outfits that speak to you and your style. Whatever clothes you choose to ditch, be sure to look into local donation services.

Nothing is stopping you from spicing up a normal dinner in to a fun and exciting date night with your significant other. Dress yourself up, slip on those heels, and a little makeup to make it feel extra special this quarantine. Cook some delicious homemade dishes with your partner or order takeout from your locale favorite and enjoy a candle lit night filled with music.

There's no better time to get creative than with a paint night. Pick some art supplies out and set up a still life to work with or work alongside painter Bob Ross to recreate one of his scenic masterpieces! Paint the night away in your very own home and have a relaxing evening to create your very own painting.



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