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Article: How to Wear Ankle Boots with Straight Leg Jeans: A Styling Guide

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Straight Leg Jeans: A Styling Guide

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Straight Leg Jeans: A Styling Guide

Working within the confines of your current wardrobe to come up with looks that feel fresh requires a healthy dose of creativity (and, sometimes, a bit of outside inspiration). High-quality investment pieces, such as Italian-made ankle boots from Mavette, provide the perfect focal point around which to build many looks that you are able to change depending on your mood and what the occasion calls for. An underrated combination you might not have considered yet, and that is easier to style than you might think, is an ankle boot with a straight-leg jean. Easily adaptable depending on the occasion, from casual weekend outings to girl's nights with friends or gatherings with loved ones, you can likely find many of these combinations within your current closet, and it will become a style equation you will be able to rely on when you need to be able to pull together an amazing look in a short amount of time. You will find that styling ankle boots with your straight-let jeans is not too different from how you’d style mid-calf boots .

Understanding Our Different Styles

Mavette offers a handful of ankle boots to choose from that are appropriate for both casual and more formal events. All constructed from supple Italian leathers and suedes, these are Italian-made boots that you will be able to reach for season after season, year after year. The most casual style is the Aida, a flat, combat-style ankle boot with an anti-slip lug sole and slim silhouette. Available in a black pebbled leather and a smooth neutral ivory, they have an easy-entry zipper and chic leather laces. For a bit of a more polished look, we suggest the Aria Boot, our take on a classic Chelsea boot with elastic gore side panels, a pointed toe, and extremely walkable stacked 2” heels. Available in both a sleek black leather and a rich brown water-resistant suede, these are a must in any wardrobe. For something edgier, there is the Genova Boot, a mixed material stretch sock boot with a leather toe box and heel, as well as a chunky front zip closure. The most formal of the offerings is the Fiona Boot, a take on our classic Fiona Loafer that has a 2.5” heel, contrast piping, and the most elegant silhouette. Available in both black and ivory, both are cut from buttery soft Italian leather.

10 Ways to Style Ankle Boots with Straight-Leg Jeans

Once you have chosen your Italian boots, it is time to get to work styling them. The obvious combinations with skirts and dresses are no-brainers - here are some outfit ideas you may not have tried yet and that you are sure to love.


Opting for the Aria in black, you are going to play up the pointed toe of the shoe and create one long line with your silhouette. Grab your darkest, most over-dyed straight-leg black jeans to match the black of the shoes, and your legs will have never looked longer. To keep the look refined, grab your favorite silk top and a black blazer if the situation calls for it. A black leather bag and a bold lip, you’re ready to walk out the door.


Similar to the above, you will keep on your Arias and a dark-wash straight jean, but instead opt for a crisp white button-down. Depending on how formal you are required to be, a leather biker jacket or a dark grey tweed blazer will help you combat the office AC. This look is perfect for commanding laid-back attention and is great for impromptu meetings. Need to up the polish? Go for the Fiona in black, black denim jeans, and a black cashmere crewneck sweater.


When the weekend rolls around, it’s time to go casual. Get out your Aida flat boot in black and a distressed pair of straight legged jeans, giving the hems a messy cuff, and pair with a chunky sweater or vintage band tee. If the ivory Aida is more your vibe, repeat the process and make sure that you are opting for a light wash denim to avoid any dreaded color transfer on your boots. In the cooler months, have fun playing with textures to offset the pebbled or sleek leather of your boots - think heavy knits, smooth cashmeres, tissue-thin turtlenecks, and fuzzy mohair sweaters.


The girls that get it get the Genova. The chunky front zip and stretchy knit sock composition are extra cool when paired with dark blue or black straight-leg denim. An open-knit mohair sweater that falls off the shoulder would be an effortless pick, but you also couldn’t go wrong with a black stretch jersey bodysuit or fun corset-inspired top.


This is the Aria in brown suede’s time to shine. If you have straight-leg off-white jeans, pair them with your most bohemian cotton top (bonus points if it has eyelets, a statement collar, or puff sleeve). A wider leg version of the straight leg cut is another fun option, especially when paired with a short-sleeved iteration of a boho top to play with the different weights of silhouettes between top and bottom. Dainty jewelry and a berry-stained lip pulls the look together.


If you need to be able to navigate your way through crowded sidewalks or are going to a concert where you will have to be on your feet for a long period of time, the Aida in black will come in handy. Paired with black straight-leg jeans, a thin turtleneck, and your coolest coat, you will be ready for whatever the city throws your way. If you are going from day to night and are craving a heeled boot, opt for the Aria and its comfortable, walkable stacked heel instead.


This look is all about quality and simplicity. Choose your favorite ankle booties, because they will all work here thanks to their luxe materials and impeccable construction: the Aida, Aria, Fiona, or Genova. Match them with your most well-structured wide-leg jeans, and choose your top depending on your plans (silk or cashmere for evening, a beautiful chunky knit for the afternoon, a heavyweight cotton for the day). Choosing the best structures and constructions in your wardrobe will keep this look flawless - think luxe thoughts.


Playing into the season, the Aria in brown suede is perfect for Fall and Winter. Grab some straight-leg jeans in ivory or brown and play with color on the top - a jewel-toned burgundy, navy, emerald, or oxblood cashmere sweater would be seasonally chic, but you can totally go monochrome or tone-on-tone with a brown, ivory, or tan instead. A trench coat, tailored overcoat, or oversized shearling, and an extravagant knit scarf pull the look together as much as they will keep you warm.


There are a few different ways you can show up for date night while keeping your look cool. Take the Aria in black and wear them with black denim in a looser fit and a thin knit sweater that hugs your body. To up the ante, pair the black Fiona with the same type of pants, but choose a black silk cami or a backless top instead, and throw your hair in a slicked-back bun. You can easily swap the color scheme here by choosing the ivory Fiona instead, pairing with  loose-fitting ivory straight-leg jeans and something ivory and silky on top.


Leaning into the current trend of novelty denim, this is when you get to pull out your most recent buy - we’re looking at you, sparkly or metallic jeans. Since you’re going party on the bottom, keep the top sleek with something black and simple, and then choose your boot: the Aria keeps things sleek, while the Aida adds some edge, and the Genova plays up the trendiness of the overall look.

The next time you are looking through your closet wondering what you are supposed to wear, remember that you cannot go wrong with a high-quality, beautifully made ankle boot and your trusty straight-leg jeans. Once you realize how versatile they are, Italian-made ankle boots will become the investment pieces that pull your entire wardrobe together, the gift-to-self that keeps on giving. If you are ready to explore our selection and change your shoe game for the better, rest assured that Mavette makes them best, and you will be walking comfortably in style for seasons and years to come.


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