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Article: Mastering How to Style Mid-Calf Boots

Mastering How to Style Mid-Calf Boots

Mastering How to Style Mid-Calf Boots

As we head into peak boot season, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of having to find new and interesting ways to style the footwear we will be reaching for for the next 4+ months. High-quality investment pieces like mid-calf boots from Mavette do a lot of the heavy lifting for us; visually striking and cut from supple Italian leathers and suedes, these Italian-made boots can easily act as the centerpiece of many different seasonally-appropriate looks. From classic and elegant to contemporary and on-trend, the right pair of boots paves the way for a multitude of styling possibilities.

Understanding Our Different Styles

Mid-calf boots offer a versatile silhouette that can be highlighted or tucked away and, depending on their fabrication, can easily be worn three seasons of the year. Mavette offers a handful of mid-calf boots to choose from that are appropriate for both casual and more formal events, all constructed from supple Italian leathers and suedes and made in Italy. Because of their high-quality materials and timeless details, they are boots that you will find yourself reaching for season after season, year after year.

For flat options, there is the Alberta Boot, which comes in both black and brown water-resistant suede. With a slip-resistant lug sole, stretch suede that accommodates any calf size, and easy-entry side zip closure, they are as chic as they are easy to wear. There is also the Aida Boot, a combat boot-style silhouette with leather laces that comes in both pebbled black and smooth white leather.

For added height, there is the Loreto Boot, a black stretch suede boot with tonal piping and a 3” stacked heel. Another on-trend option is the Genova Boot, a take on the sock boot cut from a black stretch fabric with tonal leather accents at the toe and 2.5” stacked heel. If you are looking for more of a stiletto-shaped heel, there is the Vivian Boot, a ruched mid-calf boot with a 2.5” heel and playful silhouette that comes in tan and brown suede, as well as a smooth black leather.

5 Ways to Style Mid-Calf Boots

Once you have some mid-calf boots added to your wardrobe, it is easy to allow them to shapeshift from casual to formal occasions and everything in-between. If you need outfit inspiration or styling tips that will help you to make the most of your new favorite footwear, we have got you covered.


Choose a mini skirt and elongate your legs by opting for a mid-calf heeled boot. Keep it classic by choosing a smooth leather boot, or lean into bohemian flair by going for suede. Go for a black skirt, black boots, or a brown skirt, brown boots combo for a modern take on color blocking. As the temperatures dip, stay warm by adding a pair of tights, a cozy sweater, and a long wool coat.

If you are wearing a midi skirt, choose the Loreto or the Genova for their stacked, chunky heels. Help balance out the proportions by wearing a statement necklace or earrings.

This is an easy-to-wear choice, as your skirt will cover most of your boots. If you want to show them off, and your skirt has buttons up the front, try unbuttoning a few to allow for a pop of boot with every step.


Experiment with the textures of Fall by choosing a suede mid-calf boot - the Vivian is perfect here. Accentuate the ruching by wearing them over a pair of skinny jeans, and match a chunky knit, oversized sweater to the color of your boots. A soft hat and scarf, oversized sunnies, and a bold lip will take you from the farmers market to brunch in style.


If you have to go into the office, you may as well look good doing it. Tuck the Genova under a pair of tailored black trousers and let the contrast of the leather toe and stretch fabric vamp be its own accessory to your look. If you would rather wear a tailored skirt, pair it with the black Vivian or Loreto, a tucked-in silk top, and a fitted blazer to get you through everything from board meetings to co-working sessions.


Night out on the town? Go for leather. A black leather mini or midi skirt, or a pair of leather leggings, would all go well with the black leather Vivian or the black suede Alberta for a play on texture. Keep the look smoldering with an ultra-thin cashmere sweater and a few hits of your signature scent.


When your look needs to make a statement, lean into edgy, cool elements. Pair the Alberta with a sheer tight and a short, feminine mini dress - think rocker-chic - and play with fabrics to offset the suede, choosing chiffon, silk, or anything else diaphanous and ruffly. If it’s the evening, go bold with a smudged glitter eye and your best je ne sais quoi attitude.

Caring for Your New Mid-Calf Boots

 In order to extend their lifespan and maintain their top quality, it is very important to care for your Italian-made leather and suede boots. New to shoe-care? Stay diligent, and it will be a breeze.


Step number one - as soon as they come out of the box, if you can - is using a treatment for water and stain protection. Even if the material is water-resistant, it does not hurt to double down. Leather protectors and waterproof sprays help to create a barrier to repel water and prevent staining, the kinds of damage that are nearly impossible to reverse once they have occurred. Avoid wearing your leather or suede boots when there is active precipitation and, if they do get wet, be sure to let them dry thoroughly away from any sources of direct heat.


Do this regularly to keep your boots looking like new. For leather, a damp cloth wiped gently over the surface will suffice; be gentle, and let them air dry out of direct sunlight. Invest in a high quality leather conditioner and use as directed to help your shoes maintain moisture and prevent cracking.


Since we want to avoid getting suede wet, we opt for brushing when needing to keep our suede boots good as new. Using a suede brush, softly brush in the direction of the nap to restore the natural texture and remove any surface dirt.


Store your boots in a cool, dry place with adequate air circulation. Bonus points if you store them stuffed or with boot shapers so that they maintain their silhouette, and avoid stacking them on top of one another so that they are able to breathe.

#5 SOS

Are your shoes very dirty, stained, or water-damaged? Find a cobbler you can trust and see if they are salvageable - accidents happen, and it is always worth seeking a professional opinion.

Care for your boots and they will care for you season after season. If you’re ready to invest in your footwear, Mavette is here to help.

Mavette’s Italian Boot collection offers an array of high-quality mid-calf boots that effortlessly elevate your style during peak boot season. Crafted from supple Italian leathers and suedes, these boots are investment pieces that become the focal point of all of your seasonally appropriate outfits. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant look or a contemporary, on-trend style like ankle boots with straight-leg jeans, Mavette's boots easily cater to different tastes and occasions.


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