Strong Together

COVID-19 Response Mavette

With the current global health crisis, we felt it was important to update our community on what is happening within our company and our efforts to support those combating this crisis.

We are thankful to report that currently none of our teammates or partners both in the US and Italy have contracted the COVID-19 Virus. We are in daily communication with each other, working from home as we shelter in place and keep each other's spirits lifted virtually.

When we sat down as a team to discuss this pandemic and how we might help, we were stuck by the economic challenge. Like many other small business and startups, we too feel the ripple effects of social distancing as unsurprisingly, there’s been a decline in the desire for new shoes.

We wanted to find a way to help those working to save lives in the places in which we live and work, while encouraging our community to gift themselves something they might not need right now but feels like a treat for themselves and gives much needed support to a small business and the community.

For the entire month of April, we’re offering 15% off your entire purchase and will be donating 15% of any sales to both the American & Italian Red Cross.

We hope you’ll join us in treating yourself while also supporting those fighting this global pandemic. We understand that you might not be able to shop with us at the moment. Whether or not you shop with us, please consider supporting small businesses who really need your patronage right now.